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    Back in 2001, we at GT Windows and Glass opened our business and showroom in San Leandro. Since then, we have proudly served our customers, and enjoyed rapid growth as a testment of our exceptional customer service.

    We know that your doors and windows are a critical component of your home, both aesthetically and for your security. They are indeed an investment that should last you a lifetime.


    Luxe Concepts Windows and Glass | Luxe Concepts Windows&Glass


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    We supply doors and windows of the highest quality, most of which have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. Once we install them, we offer a full three year installation guarantee.

    Every customer we have a unique, and that is why we provide personalised service to custom fit our supplies to your needs. Our staff will work hand in hand with you, so that the optimum solution for your doors and/or windows can be established.

    Before the job starts, we provide you with an accurate quote, and a brilliant selection of high quality products sourced from leading manufactures.

    About Us

    Compay:Luxe Concepts Windows and Glass    
    Address:2193 E. 14th Street, San Leandro, CA 94577    
    Tel:    Tel: 510-346-2662 / 510-346-2661    
    E-mail:    info.gtwg@gmail.com      arturo.gtwg@gmail.com    
    site:    http://www.luxewindowsandglass.com    

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